The complex political, cultural and regulatory landscape surrounding abortion care in the United States requires that abortion providers develop a sophisticated understanding of the legal system. Words such as preliminary injunction, deposition and amicus curiae flow easily off the tongues of many abortion providers. Similarly, attorneys and reproductive health advocates increasingly are becoming “experts” in clinical terminology and scientific data related to abortion.

This website was created for clinicians and lawyers looking to navigate the bounds of federal and state law to fully understand how the law interacts with clinical practice in California.

Procedural Information
Information relating to abortion procedures.

Information relating to patients and specific patient population.

Information about provider requirements and legal refusals.

  • Who May Provide Abortions
  • Nursing and Abortion (CNMs, NPs, and RNs) (coming soon)
  • Physician Assistants and Abortion (coming soon)
  • Residency/Medical School Education (coming soon)
  • Refusals: Individual and Institutional (coming soon)



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