State Court Decisions

California Supreme Court Decisions

Am.  Acad. of Pediatrics v. Lungren, 16 Cal. 4th 307 (1997) (holding California’s parental notification law unconstitutional under the state Constitution).

Comm. to Defend Reprod. Rights v. Myers, 29 Cal. 3d 252 (1981) (holding California’s Budget Act provisions that provided public funding for pregnancy care but not abortion violated the state Constitution).

Conservatorship of  Valerie N., 40 Cal. 3d 143 (1985) (holding statute barring sterilization of conservatee under guardianship-conservator law was unconstitutional as it denied incompetent developmentally disabled persons rights which are accorded to other persons in violation of state and federal constitutional guarantees of privacy).

California Court of Appeals Decisions

Foy v. Greenblott, 141 Cal. App. 3d 1 (1983) (holding incompetent woman has right to privacy relating to childbearing and noting that an incompetent woman’s conservator could have petitioned the court to authorize an abortion).

Maxon v. Super. Ct., 135 Cal. App. 3d 626 (1982) (interpreting Cal. Prob. Code § 2356(d), which generally prohibited courts from authorizing the sterilization of any ward or conservatee, to allow the authorization of a potentially lifesaving operation (i.e. a hysterectomy), which incidentally rendered the conservatee sterile).